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  • My name is Diana Tika Lestari, most people call me Tika or Diana. I’m twenty-seven years old, and married.
  • I’m dedicated worker. I eager to learn, I love challenges, I enjoy problem solving and I love working with other people.
  • I’m originally from Klaten, Central Java, but i move to Jogja for almost nine years since my study at two thousand and nine until now.

Educational Background

  • I graduated with honors from “Veteran” National Building University Yogyakarta or Universitas Pembangunan Nasional “Veteran” Yogyakarta in may two thousand thirteen as bachelor degree in communication and science program. My majors is marketing and advertising, but not include digital marketing. I really like to persuade people and learn about how to sell something in college, and i learn a lot about it from this majors.
  • Despite that, i learn about organizational skills from “UKM Perisai Diri”, martial arts student committee in my college. I started as secretary in 2 years, then become a team leader after that. In this committee, i learn more about negotiating with all related people, how to get sponsorship, and how to handle administrative document and procedure.

Career History

I have been working in digital marketing field for almost 5 years now.


  • I started off my career as an online marketing staff in IT local company in two thousand thirteen, not long after i graduated. I performed online marketing duties, such as keywords research, link building, seo onpage optimization, website analysis, monitoring and reporting website serp and keywords position in google search for their side company that in restaurants industry and hotel industry.
  • My achievement in this company was when I get number one in first page of google search result for targeted keywords in  3 months that lead to more sells and profit for company. This is big achievement for me, because i just learn about online marketing and SEO by myself since i work in this company.
  • I quit because i get more prospect as SEO Specialist in the next company in the end of two thousand and fourteen.

Qwords Web Hosting

  • After that i work on Qwords Web Hosting Company as SEO Specialist, where i learn more about SEO role, such as content planning and creation, content research, social media content planning, and more about SEO Optimization and monitoring tools.
  • My achievement in this company was when i finally able to increase targeted keywords with high competition in google search result position after about 5 months optimization.
  • I ended my contract here in november two thousand sixteen then started work at Mamikos!

Mamikos, Boarding House Finder App in Indonesia

  • My last and current job was as Digital Marketing Specialist in Mamikos. I work here since 2 years ago, when their website just being build. I perform all seo role like before. I learn and perform more about how to create and execute facebook ads and google adwords in this company. I learn to implement more technical seo practice and tools such us google analytics, google webmaster, structure data markup, website analysis tools, and many more. I learn about how to create and plan viral content, content marketing, content distribution, and all practice to optimize content. I handle app search optimization for mamikos in Playstore too.
  • My achievement in this company was because i was the first digital marketing staff that develop and plan all digital marketing campaign since the website was being build, until now mamikos becoming number 1 boarding house finder in Indonesia in just 2 years. I execute all digital marketing role with all the new team to make mamikos. Here what i achieve for mamikos:
    • from 0 keyword result in google search, until now become number 1 in first page for almost all “kost” related keywords
    • from 0 visitor to thirty thousand daily unique visitor
    • from 0 popular articles for audiences that are related untill now almost fifty percent of our related articles become number one in google search result and contribute more than thirty percent new visitor.
    • become number 1 position in playstore organic search for “kost” related keywords.
  • My achievement in ads placement was i succeed to make below Rp 500 for each conversion on facebook ads and google adwords.
  • My next achievement in this company was, i am able to show sitelink for this site, and i was the one who develop content structure, plan topics and best title for almost all the content for our blog, and make sure to make the content seo friendly and meet with the new seo update. Some content that i plan and finally become number 1 in search result position is: christmas greetings and pictures, seventeen university with low interest, and some related content.
  • I leave this company due to my pregnancy and my baby birth.
  • I liked this company, the people were very nice and we all worked together very well, but i’m still looking for better prospect.

Difficult Situation

  • There is time in every year when our main keywords that related to “kost” get low visitor. So do our site. “Kost” related keywords tend to rise and go down in some months every years. The first time i encounter this difficult situation, our team being pressed down to find a way to get a new visitor. Then i came up with the idea to create content that not exactly related to our keywords but populer and being needed by our audience like content about university, problem solving content for college content, and event content for job hunter. Then it finally give us more visitor, and we keep on creating content following our audience and get more new user.


  • I understand that for this position of Digital Marketing that you’re hiring for, you’re looking for someone with strong writing and editing skills, have experience with social media, have experience with seo strategy and seo friendly article, have great understanding of seo best practice and principles, and familiar with tools and best practice for product developments.
  • Overall, due to my strong background and achievements in digital marketing role, i’m confident i’ll be able to succeed this role you’re hiring for.

It’s My Curriculum Vitae as Digital Marketing, Feel free to share or comment below for any advice or suggestion.


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